REVO – Bringing the Simplicity of Digital Printing to Flexo!

REVO – A Team of technology leaders – Saica Flex, Apex International, AVT,  Bobst, Dupont, Esko, Flint Group, X-Rite, Stora Enso and UPM Raflatac – in Flexography has been formed to optimize the Flexo process by “digitalizing” the complete manufacturing process, in order to reach new revolutionary standards in printing and converting of Labels and Packaging.

The REVO Project Team aims to provide an answer on behalf of the flexo industry to the increasing importance of digital print, especially in label and narrow web packaging. The Project Team develops a Plug & Play concept that expands the possibilities for Flexo converters. High quality print, increased efficiency, higher productivity and improved sustainability become evident as well.

All partners bring special knowledge and dedicated products in their own specific fields of the flexo industry. Take a look at the last REVO Open House movie, click here. For more movies of the live demo, the technical seminar or interviews with the partners, click here.

REVO Digital Flexo REVO Digital Flexo
REVO Digital Flexo

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REVO Team focus on folding carton and flexible packaging production at drupa 2016

Mex, Switzerland – REVO Team, the industry partners working together to introduce the Digital Flexo revolution to the packaging industry, announces that REVO technology will be displayed on the BOBST booth at the Drupa 2016 ...

BOBST Bielefeld joins the REVO Team to enlarge REVO scope to solvent and water-based flexo inks

REVO Team, the industry partners working together to introduce the Digital Flexo revolution in the packaging industry, announce that the REVO Digital Flexo manufacturing process will now include solvent and water-based flexo inks. Following a ...

REVO Digital Flexo goes “live” at Labelexpo: Extended colour gamut plates produced and printed every 2 hours

The REVO partners will show the full REVO process “live” at Labelexpo. Every 2 hours a complete new set of extended colour gamut 7 plates will be produced,  mounted on printing sleeves,  and printed live ...

“Bringing the Simplicity of Digital Printing to Flexo!”
REVO Digital Flexo

Optimizing the Flexo process

From left: Ugo Bagnoli (Bobst Firenze), Niklas Olsson (FLINT Group), Fredric Vanvinckenroye (Esko), Francesca Bandera (Bobst Firenze), Ludovico Frati (Bobst Firenze) , Maurizio Trecate (Bobst Firenze), Cristina Toffolo (Bobst Firenze), Dan Pulling (Esko), Daragh Whelan (Americk), Federico d'Annunzio (Bobst Firenze), Friedrich Wolf (DuPont Packaging Graphics), Matteo Cardinotti (Bobst Firenze), Claudio Redaelli (DuPont Packaging Graphics), Dario De Meo (Bobst Firenze), Jeanine Graat (APEX International), Nick Harvey (APEX International), Noel Mitchell (UPM Raflatac).

REVO Digital Flexo