REVO Digital FlexoProjectREVO Digital Flexo

UV Flexo due to its high quality and consistency is the preferred REVO printing technology. Extended colour gamut/seven colours separation is the preferred pre-press technology: 7 fixed colours (CMYK + Orange, Green, Violet or Reflex Blue) printed on top of each other, as very fine vignettes, are able to reproduce 90-95% of the PMS colour palette. Next generation GTT rollers provide extreme ink transfer consistency due to the open slalom scientifically designed surface. Digital Automation on the press takes the full advantage of not needing to change anilox and ink to match PMS colours: print and die-cutting cylinders are changed automatically without operator, and also the press runs “digitally” without operator. A list of substrates is provided for immediate production under REVO standards. A top quality converter tests in a real production environment and improves all new innovations brought in by the cooperation of the REVO Team Members.

REVO Members cooperate, innovate and share together technologies to define “off-the-shelf” protocols, hardware and software, immediately available to converters, who want to start producing in a Digital Flexo environment, without extra costs. A top-quality converter of Labels and Packaging is part of the REVO Team to test and validate the REVO standards on behalf of future REVO Converters. More information can be found on the page “Technical Focus”.

REVO Benefits:
: Never change inks and anilox rolls, no washing, no cleaning. 7 inks generate up to 90% PMS colours.
Consistent: Consistent “digital” quality in PMS colours, reproducible, digitally originated by pre-press.
Easy: No need of skilled printers, interchangeable operators, Flexo unit is Digital.
Perfect for short runs 1: No colour matching on press, digital colour matching originated by pre-press.
Perfect for short runs 2: Digital set up, digital run, printing and converting are automated.
Profitable:  Cutting costs down,less ink consumption, less wastes, up to 95% press uptime.
“New” print quality: “real” and “vibrant” astonishing 7 colours pictures at 80 l/cm.
Unique images:  Unlimited number of PMS colours printed in one job, no additional print units, inks etc.
Fast: “digital” job change-overs, up to 4 job changes per hour and more.
Fast 2: Printing at 10 m/min or 180 m/min without any change in ink density, “digital”consistency.
Flexible: Printing on a wide choice of Packaging substrates.
Digital:  Conventional Digital and Digital Flexo sharing a common Digital Work Flow.

Digital Flexo VS conventional Digital

·         Independent from press supplier

·         Comparable waste

·         Comparable set up time

·         Comparable or lower costs (TCO)

·         Comparable print quality

·         Decreased maintenance

·         Higher graphic flexibility

·         Higher substrate flexibility

·         Higher production speed

·         Higher consistency

Cost reduction: less substrate, less inks, less time wasted for colour matching in the press. 90-95% of PMS palette is reproduced with 7 fixed colours in the press. Less ink is needed to print solid colours as only vignettes are used to reproduce heavy solids. Less substrate is wasted during set-up in the press due to Digital Automation and more up-time of the press is achieved due to down-time reduction for colour matching, print and die-cutting cylinders change, press set-up, press inconsistency during production.

Consistency: most variables are digitalized during the entire “from pre-press to print” chain. PMS inks are substituted by 7 fixed colours, operators skills are not required for colour matching. UV flexo inks deliver consistent ink behaviour in the press. Anilox rollers and inks are optimized for consistent performances. Digital Automation on press greatly reduces the variables caused by operator’s skills.

Quality: 7 colours separation-extended colour gamut provide vibrant effects on pictures, more natural and realistic images. 80 lines per cm screen counts become standard, taking flexo to a higher print quality level.

Digital flexibility: the same file can be printed on a Digital or a Digital Flexo press, with similar quality and costs. With extremely limited waste and set-up times on the press. Production flow can be similar to a Digital press, with frequent job changes, job interruptions, high flexibility in jobs planning.

Graphic flexibility: a single job can show a virtually unlimited number of PMS colours, without additional print stations: 7 print stations are sufficient. 2 or more jobs can be interlocked. For short-runs production demands, on the same web, even with several and different PMS colours. Still, 7 colours are sufficient.