REVO is finalist at Label Awards 2015

REVO Digital Flexo Revolution, the project team of experts from Adare, Apex International, AVT, DuPont, Esko, Flint Group, Nuova Gidue and UPM Raflatac, has announced that REVO Technology has been selected as finalist in the Label Industry Global Awards  for Innovation 2015.

REVO Project Team formed its group in December 2013 to provide an “off-the-shelf” solution made of new software, hardware, UV Flexo inks, digital plates, new generation Anilox rollers, 7-color separation, standardized substrates and digital automation. According to the team, this will let converters use REVO’s digitized flexo process from day one.

The REVO Digital Flexo Revolution is a package of integrated technologies for the production of labels and packaging. The system transforms the printing process from analogue to digital. REVO is an industry initiative to make flexography become a digital process, where color matching is successfully performed with extended colour gamut, job exchange is digitally performed without stopping the press and without manual interventions by the operator and  ink curing/migration is digitally controlled for the full safety of each single meter of the printed product.

“ We are very proud of being part of the shortlist for the Global Awards of Innovation,” the REVO team affirms. “Since its launch on the market, the REVO Project has had great impact on the label and packaging industry, and this achievement is the umpteenth proof and reward of the worldwide importance of  this revolutionary technology.”